Team Morgan 6 Picked To Stand Up New Irregular Warfare Center

Team Morgan 6 Picked To Stand Up New Irregular Warfare Center

Supporting the DoD’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency

Morgan 6 has teamed with Valens Global to create the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s (DSCA) Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). In September 2022, the DoD commissioned Team Morgan 6 and DoD Subject Matter Experts to rapidly create the IWC to serve as the central mechanism for developing the Department’s Irregular Warfare (IW) knowledge and advancing understanding of IW concepts and doctrine in collaboration with key allies and partners.

The IWC reached Initial Operational Capability by the end of October 2022 and is actively engaged in outreach and research to “amplify” an international IW community of interest, “illuminate” irregular threats, crises and obstacles, and “address” those threats through optionality.

Team Morgan 6 leverages their considerable specialized network and presence in the IW community of interest to assemble world-renowned practitioners and academics to form the backbone of this strategic enterprise, which will serve to support and amplify the IW efforts of the various regional centers.

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Morgan 6 was founded in 2012 and is led by former US SOCOM Officers, with the mission to support the War Fighter, the nation’s Veterans and the US Government through advanced software engineering, responsive logistics, and advanced training. Visit for more information.

Valens Global was founded in 2014 with the belief that the private sector was vital to advancing the interests of America and its partners and allies, as well as improving the national-security field. Today Valens Global provides a variety of services, including specialized open-source analysis support, special warfare and irregular warfare training and education, and talent optimization to the US government, its partners, and allies. Visit for more information.

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