Our Secure, Agile Solutions


Morgan 6 secures and safeguards Department of Defense (DODI5200.44) and Civilian Agency (NIST SP 800-160) systems and critical infrastructure, with expertise in NIST 800-53 security control implementation and documentation to achieve and maintain Authority to Operate (ATO) for new and existing systems.

IT Service Management

Morgan 6 utilizes a customer-centric approach to providing help desk support, IT system sustainment, and responsive ticket management and resolution. These capabilities are also leveraged to support legacy systems during modernization.

Health IT

Deep expertise in providing IT support and related services in a HIPAA compliant environment. Our team fully appreciates the requirement to ensure continuity of care and benefits for all health customers while safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI). As a veteran-owned company, we take particular pride in the support we provide to the warfighter and our fellow veterans.

Digital Transformation

Many government agencies are operating legacy systems on deprecated or near-obsolete hardware. As the Federal government has prioritized the modernization of these critical systems, Morgan 6 has provided support for critical systems during the migration of data from legacy to modern systems.

Software Engineering

Deep capabilities providing software development and engineering using Agile and SAFe methodologies, as required by the customer. Morgan 6 specializes in DevSecOps and ensuring that security is built into our software solutions and not an afterthought. We work with customers to better automate continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD).

Cloud Architecture

Many customers, from small businesses to Federal agencies still have a significant amount of data and systems on local infrastructure without adequate disaster recovery or remote access. Our team architects solutions that facilitate the migration from on-premise systems to the appropriate cloud environment.

National Security Solutions (NSS)

Answering U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Intelligence Community (IC) requirements through an in-depth and experienced understanding of the complex and creative challenges that exist with those elite organizations. M6-NSS works to supports SOF and IC training, support to real world operations, design, and development of new capabilities, as well as modernization efforts across the force. Additionally, M6-NSS has a unique understanding in SOF Sensitive Activities, specifically focused on the new National Defense Strategy, and builds towards supporting new endeavors from this recent prioritization.