M6 Warrior Recognized for Excellence

M6 Warrior Recognized for Excellence

Andrew Schweitzer Goes Above and Beyond

ANNAPOLIS, MD, July 2023 – At M6, we live a “Warriors First” ethos, supporting Warriors – past, present, and future, in all our endeavors. We view everyone who works hard to ensure their organization’s success as Warriors, regardless of their occupation or goals. And of course, we count our team among those Warriors. We champion the Warrior Spirit attributes of discipline, resilience, teamwork, continuous improvement, and integrity, and we call members of our team “M6 Warriors”.

Andrew Schweitzer is an M6 Warrior supporting the US Naval Academy’s (USNA) students, faculty, and staff. He was recently recognized by Mr. David Tyler, Deputy Director for Client Services, Information Technology Services Division, USNA, for the extraordinary support provided during a recent event at the campus. The changing schedules of visiting dignitaries threw a wrench into Andrew’s pre-set plans to support. But his responsiveness, proficiency, and attention to detail allowed the group to get comfortable and to launch rapidly into their business, including connecting to remote participants.

“Andrew truly went above and beyond, and I wanted to formally recognize him for everything he does to support the mission of the USNA,” said Mr. Tyler, pointing out how valued Andrew is by the USNA team. Since onboarding M6 last year, the client has recognized Andrew by name 25 times for his eagerness and resourcefulness in serving the current and future Warriors at the Naval Academy.

Andrew has been an M6 Warrior since June 2022 and is a native of Pasadena, Maryland. Outside of work, he lives the “Warriors First” ideology in volunteer firefighting, video games, enjoying car shows, and spending time with Cooper, his Golden Retriever. He thrives on expanding his knowledge and experience, frequently volunteering for tasks outside of his experience and comfort zone and growing from the exposure. He credits his family for the influence they provided to develop a hard-work ethic and a determination to reach goals, always valuing the impact of encouragement – both given and received. He points out that one of the things he enjoys about being an M6 Warrior is the support provided to allow a healthy work-life balance.

Andrew’s actions in supporting the mission of the USNA amplify the words of retired US Navy Admiral William H. McRaven, former commander of the US Special Operations Command, who said, “The Warrior Spirit…embodies the indomitable will to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, and protect what is most sacred. It is a mindset that empowers individuals to rise above adversity with courage, honor, and unwavering determination.” M6 is proud of Andrew’s Warrior Spirit which brings great credit to the ability of the USNA to accommodate visiting dignitaries; to himself, to his team at the USNA, and to the family of M6 Warriors.

Morgan 6 (M6) was founded in 2012 and is led by former US SOCOM Officers, with the mission to support the War Fighter, the nation’s Veterans, and the US Government through professional consulting, advanced software engineering, responsive logistics, and specialized training. Visit www.morgan6.com for more information.