Constance Besaw: M6 Warrior

Constance Besaw: M6 Warrior

Besaw recognized by Irregular Warfare Center for “above and beyond” service

Recently, our own M6 Warrior Constance Besaw was recognized for her exemplary service in support of the Irregular Warfare Center (IWC) International Irregular Warfare Week – a first of its kind. The value of this event is to expose U.S. stakeholders involved in the development of the new definition of IW and/or in IW activities to the European conceptualization of IW to better understand differences and potential connection points enabling more effective international cooperation. Constance set herself apart by expertly managing the minutiae associated with coordinating an all-star cast of presenters and speakers, including seven international attendees whose attendance at this event was critical and could not have happened without Constance’s tireless efforts.

Constance came to Morgan 6 in December 2022, and serves as the IWC Administrative Assistant and Travel Coordinator. She embraces the many challenges facing the establishment of a new DoD Center.

Lori Leffler, Acting Chief of Staff for the IWC, said, “Constance’s attention to detail and speed in execution ensured we had maximum exposure and attendance for this crucial examination, one of the many facets of operating in the asymmetric environment. Her long hours and tenacity show a level of effort highly valued here at the IWC.”

Executive Vice President for M6 National Security Solutions, Paul Thompson, said of his teammate, “This sort of performance is something we at Morgan 6 value greatly and exemplifies the ‘Warrior’ spirit we bring to all our tasks.”

M6, along with our partners at Valens Global, serves the Defense Security Cooperation Agency in supporting the IWC, founded in 2022 to serve as the central mechanism for developing the Department of Defense’s irregular warfare knowledge and advancing the Department’s understanding of irregular warfare concepts and doctrine in collaboration with key allies and partners. To learn more about the IWC and the center’s upcoming events, visit their website at

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