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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Allison Jennings joins the team

CHARLESTON, SC, Jul. 2020 -- Morgan 6 welcomes back Allison Jennings as Director of Business Operations. Jennings was with Morgan 6 from 2013 to 2017, and the company is excited to welcome her back in 2020.

Jennings is originally from Philadelphia and attended Virginia Tech. She moved to Charleston, SC and lives with her husband and twin boys, Maverick and Nash. Jennings’ role as Director of Business Operations has her at the center of the organization. She is responsible for all project, contract, and financial related activities.

Jennings, explained “I have my toes dipped into a little bit of everything”. The Morgan 6 team is confident she will be an asset to the company and anticipates a successful year with this new addition.

Morgan 6 LLC was founded in 2012 and is led by former US SOCOM Officers, with the mission to support the War Fighter, the nation's Veterans and the US Government through advanced software engineering, responsive logistics, top quality products and better training. Visit for more information.


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